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True-Cost Proposal

It’s a fact. Building a custom home is a complex process. The myriad of details can be overwhelming, but at SCH, we embrace these details starting with the bid process.
The SCH True Cost Proposal identifies, up front, all the costs you can expect for your project. This unique method properly aligns client expectations with resources needed and empowers you to plan accordingly. From the very beginning, you can, and should, expect full disclosure from your Scott Christopher associates.

Not all bids should be considered equal

For some builders it is tempting to make cost generalizations and leave out things like custom cabinetry and high end lighting options when creating an initial cost proposal for a custom home. AT SCH we take the time to learn about our clients’ expectations, and do the extra work to gather all the costs associated with building the home they want. We leave nothing out so our bids end up with true costs represented.

More than dollars and cents

A True Cost Proposal breaks down the cost of virtually every aspect of your project. You’ll see line items for everything from excavation to house cleaning, along with a construction timeline for each phase of construction.

Built –in Flexibility

The True Cost Proposal facilitates the planning process by providing budget and decision making flexibility. Once you understand the true budget required to execute your architect’s plans, we can work together to value engineer the project to meet your financial goals.